I’d love some outside input here… What is the osx audio scene like right now?

I’ve been on some version of Windows since day one. Well, it was DOS before that… In the tracker days. I’m comfortable with it, even if I admit it’s not all it could be.

Since buying the various i-items, I’ve almost come to terms with buying a Mac for my next audio computer. However, more and more I get the impression that osx is its own nightmare. Yay/nay?

So this new update is killing USB audio? I’d love to be part of this great world where everything just WORKS.. But this USB thing reminds me of the whole TI chipset thing for PC laptops.

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1 Response to Windows/osx

  1. HK Johansson says:

    I’ve had almost no issues running arturia / NI / Ableton and various other sound related SW / HW on my 2011 iMac. If you have compatibility concerns regarding any specific gear / SW let me know and maybe I can answer some of your questions. Regarding the USB issue, it’s kind of expected that there will be issues for the first few months after a new OS drops I think. I’m just holding off on upgrading until a few months have gone by and most of the makers / devs get there act together…

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