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“I Drew A Circle”

Last night showed a tiny bit of development with Processing.    Yes, I drew a circle too, Andy. I know I’ll be interested in visualizing data.  ..but I’ll be brainstorming for a while to get some ideas of just what … Continue reading

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Today, I’m obsessed with visualizing data sets.  I know almost nothing about this field, but I would love to create source material for graphic work. Processing is apparently a Java-based language that won’t be a nightmare to learn.  I haven’t looked … Continue reading

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My best review ever.

I don’t get a lot of reviews… I think.  But this is too good.  I wish I could thank the writer in person. —————————————– While Douglas Channel is eclectic, it really is a work of art. Hailing from Canada, Kearley compiles … Continue reading

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Age of Ephermera

Here some new music.  This is kind of going back to the Enigma vibe with drums blowing over top it all.  My buddy, Biren used a downtempo mix of the track for a microscope video.  (right below the soundcloud link)

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I’ve just had my ears opened.

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The Sea And I Are No More

I’m experimenting with using some old Chinese papercut animations to work with my music.

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Fight the Good Fight.

Ugh.  How many of us are trying to write music that sounds like Apparat from 2002?  Raise your hands. I can’t be alone.

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