My best review ever.

I don’t get a lot of reviews… I think.  But this is too good.  I wish I could thank the writer in person.


While Douglas Channel is eclectic, it really is a work of art.
Hailing from Canada, Kearley compiles a very intelligent blend of electronic chill and technology. Douglas Channel successfully tricks the listener into believing that his/her CD is skipping, when in fact the music is intended to have a choppy, jagged sound. It’s a great album for rainy days, lonely or social nights, and early morning blues as its heavy slink engulfs the listener.

One of the least distorted and most club-friendly songs is “Everything,” which takes a jazz angle and less of a glitch-pop approach. It’s a perfect track for an art gallery opening, or a special event at a coffee house; awakening and refreshing, this is a track that doesn’t dominate or distract from a social event, but it doesn’t fall off in the distance either. It also seems appropriate for a fashion show catwalk event.

“Peace and Noise” sounds like a track that is chopped up and split, with its segments twisted around backwards with a bluesy jazz twist. It’s quite peaceful, a sunrise track, perfect for walking around a busy town at daybreak before the city wakes. It accompanies city industrial districts nicely with its machinery-like sounds. “Pedal Point” is like a disjunct version of the music in the game 6 Differences, which is a flash game meant for relaxation, and this song possesses similar qualities. Unlike “Peace and Noise,” which is like a sunrise, “Pedal Point” feels like a city shutting down for the night. It almost wraps around the listener like a cozy blanket on a chilly winter night.

While Douglas Channel is eclectic, it really is a work of art. If it were a visual manifestation, it would take the form of a steel installation in a fine art gallery. Jazz and cyborgs meet in this record, with a contemporary approach as opposed to a steampunk Victorian age mash-up). The instrumental record is nearly too clever to be classified as IDM as it explores further realms of sound than most generic club music. Kearley created an album that will definitely give his repertoire a boost.

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Age of Ephermera

Here some new music.  This is kind of going back to the Enigma vibe with drums blowing over top it all.  My buddy, Biren used a downtempo mix of the track for a microscope video.  (right below the soundcloud link)

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I’ve just had my ears opened.

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The Sea And I Are No More

I’m experimenting with using some old Chinese papercut animations to work with my music.

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Fight the Good Fight.

Ugh.  How many of us are trying to write music that sounds like Apparat from 2002?  Raise your hands. I can’t be alone.

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New Music – New Binary

This has been gestating for a while now.. here is the latest iteration of New Binary.   I may or may not be done with this.

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Sound Fair – No Fuss Fuzz

I recently got a couple versions of this ‘boo-teeky’ fuzz pedal.  A prototype, and ‘classic’ version, and a high gain version.   Maybe I’ll post some demos this weekend.

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